Umansky Zier is a strategic consulting company specializing in growing market share, awareness, branding, sales and marketing for established, evolving and emerging companies. Through our unique S3 analysis and development process, UWZ helps define success through differentiation and true competitive advantages. Our goal is to bring clear and uncluttered direction to help you realize your vision in a new media world. UWZ’s list of clients ranges across industries including medical, entertainment, sports, publishing, business support, technology, retail and talent representation.

Ken Umansky -- Ken’s has been a career marketer who’s ability to breakdown complex issues and build Strategic Steps to Success is well know by such companies as Choice Hotels, AmTrak, Children’s Hospital of DC, Trex, and more.

Jeff Wyatt -- Jeff has worked for Gannett Radio, Emmis Broadcasting, and for many years managed the programming and marketing for 32 Clear Channel radio stations as Regional VP of Programming in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Bennett Zier --Bennett’s most recent work was as founding CEO of Red Zebra Broadcasting which includes the Washington Redskins Radio Network. Prior to that Bennett was the Executive Vice President of Clear Channel Radio in the Mid-Atlantic Region overseeing the combined assets of radio, entertainment, sports and outdoor and a $200 million operation with over 200 employees.

The S3 Process
AUDIT Review CURRENT STATUS ANALYZE Understand the CRITICAL ISSUES PLAN Devise OBJECTIVES, STRATEGY and TACTICS EXECUTE Execute THE PLAN MANAGE Manage THE EXECUTION EVALUATE Evaluate THE RESULTS AUDIT The S3 Audit - we can’t get you where you’re going without knowing where you are, and where you’ve been. ANALYZE S3 Analysis is a process of downloading the “thought capital” of your brain trust through our unique S3 tools and process. The S3 Mirror Analysis – Making sure your goals are aligned with your plans and resources. The S3 Whiteboard Breakdown – Key decision makers, influencers and UWZ breakdown the critical issues on the way to success. The S3 REBAnalysis – Defines the Rational and Emotional Benefits that are meaningful to your customers and can differentiate your brand. PLAN S3 Planning is for ACTION - We use the S3 Analysis as the foundation for creating the goals, strategies and tactics to achieve business success. EXECUTE S3 Execution – Applying the resources necessary to bring the plan to life. MANAGE S3 Management – Managing the resources that are responsible for the execution. EVALUATE S3 Evaluation – Utilize existing, or create proprietary tools/services to diagnose what is working and what is not, employing an on-going “test and measure” system.

Ken Umansky and Bennett Zier have operated business top and bottom lines for large corporations and understand the complexities and pressures faced by managers and companies.

The experience of Umansky-Zier has helped create and grow the business for Choice Hotels International, Stihl Inc., Trex, Children’s Hospital of Washington, Citizens Bank, The Washington Redskins, Cort Furniture,  Amtrak to name a few, as well as many many radio stations across America.   Site By